Alexandra Gersten-Vassilaros

'I have known Lisa for 2 decades and have watched her develop into the consummate professional she is today. I admire her talent and skill as a director and coach greatly. She is an impassioned artist, able to engage and inspire actors while executing and culling forth the intention and integrity of whatever text, contemporary or classical, that she is working on. Her productions are always exuberantly acted, originally staged, entertaining and moving all at once. In her work on an original adaptation of her play “The Black Monk”, and later when she directed my one-act, “Hallelujah Anyhow”,  she smartly highlighted the intimate truths each of the characters were burdened by. The productions were exuberantly acted, originally staged, bold and unusually truthful. Her work is never glib, always specific and revealing. She has a deft ear for humor and seems naturally attracted to the beauties and ironies of life. Lisa is a true director. She comes to the task with a vision for the work, and prods actors out of their comfort zones to meet the vibrant demands of the play at hand. She's a writer's dream. Smart, incisive, experienced and unafraid. She is a colleague whose insight and opinion I value greatly.'

Eve Ensler

'I have known Lisa for quite some time now and have great respect and admiration for her work as a director. She is one of the few people I have ever let direct my work. She is very smart, both deeply analytical and deeply emotional in her thinking. She approaches text with careful, in-depth consideration. She loves language and has a true gift for bringing it alive on stage. In her direction of my play, "Reel and Particle", she did excellent work with the actors. Their performances were full, inspired, and they had a deep sense of where they were and what they were doing there. Lisa would also make a great film director. She has a tremendous visual sense, and a strong facility with the language of cinematic images. She has a great deal to say. She is a true artist and a lovely person. I can’t recommend her strongly enough.'


'I met Lisa nearly twenty years ago and have come to know her to be a person of incredible integrity, intelligence, insight, talent, and humor. Lisa possesses an artistic sensibility. When we worked together in the past, I was impressed with Lisa’s preparation, discipline and her clear, objective “eye”. Lisa is an excellent director. She has an incredible amount to offer. As an actor who has worked both on Broadway and Off, and appeared in more than twenty films - I have worked with many directors and can say without hesitation that Lisa is a truly fine one.'

Barbara H. Freitag
Broadway producer

'It is with the utmost confidence that I recommend Lisa Milinazzo to you as a director. Lisa’s work demonstrates her innate sense of a play’s rhythm and that talent, coupled with the discipline she wrests from the actors is evident in all of her productions. Her work is suffused with a depth of understanding and acumen that come from her knowledge of humanity. One of her most recent projects, 3D Hamlet with Alec Baldwin, Michael Emerson and Richard Easton was performed in Edinburgh last Summer. It involved both theatrical and cinematic elements and was exceptionally well-received. In my opinion, her humanistic philosophy is a trait that a director must possess in order to present theater that not only looks real but evokes honest emotions from the audience. Not only is Lisa an accomplished director, her writing is excellent as well. Her script, "Slain In The Spirit", is by turns, shocking, lovely, coherent and frightening, in essence a look at life in a meaningful way. Lisa is a multi-talented young woman. She is not only a lovely person, her talents are many and varied. It will be a pleasure and a privilege to work with her.'