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Slain in the Spirit"shows us creatively, brilliantly and hauntingly all the many culprits…Masterfully acted and imaginatively staged. Run to see it. It will make you think.”

-Usher Nonsense Review by Constance Rodgers 7/20/13


“Superb direction of her very talented cast” Slain in the Spirit, Workshop Theatre, NYC)

-City Living Review, by Will Kenton 8/7/13


“…With a passionate genius Director Lisa Milinazzo re-imagines how the movements of the two protagonists are expressed.”  The Collector, East 59th St. Theatre

Huffington Post -Ron Mwangaguhaunga, 11/2/16


“… Under the expert direction of Lisa Milinazzo, the tension and power dynamic between them makes this piece compelling.”

-Theatre is Easy, Adrienne Urbanski 11/3/16


Mass Appeal"staged by Lisa Milinazzo with nary a misstep…one of Fleetwood Stage’s strongest efforts to date”                 

-Arts & entertainment: Westchester County weekly 3/5/98


“Lisa Milinazzo's direction is good”

-New York Times, Alvin Klein, 3/98


“Fine Ensemble acting, guided moment to real moment by director Lee Milinazzo, brings this puff-of-a-memory play to bright life … Milinazzo wisely follows playwright Donald Margulies’ dictum to avoid both romantic nostalgia and caricature.” Found a Peanut

-Tom Provenzano, LA Weekly


“Director Lee Milinazzo … wove it into a seamless production…Be prepared for chilling little prickles on the back of your neck."  Redwood Curtain, Schoolhouse Theatre, Croton Falls

-Kathy Grantham, North County News


“Lee Milinazzo’s staging carries the weight unpretentiously.” Burning Bright, Schoolhouse Theatre, Croton Falls. 8/95

- New York Times Alvin Klein


“Cast and direction of Lee Milinazzo, galvanize" Criminals in Love

-NY Times, DJR Bruckner


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