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Eve Ensler   Playwright and Performer

I have great respect and admiration for Lisa…She is one of the few people I have let direct my work…deeply analytical and deeply emotional in her thinking…She has a tremendous visual sense…She is a true artist.


Andrew McCarthy   Director and Actor

 I’ve been impressed with Lisa’s clear objective eye. I can say without hesitation that Lisa is a truly fine director.


Alexandra Gersten Vassilaros   Playwright and Actress

She is an impassioned artist, able to engage and inspire. Her productions are always exuberantly acted, originally staged, bold, entertaining and moving.


Barbara H. Freitag   Broadway Producer

(Good Night, Oscar; Mrs. Doubtfire; Girl From The North Country; etc.)

Her work is suffused with a depth of understanding and acumen that come from her knowledge of humanity–her humanistic philosophy is a trait that a director must possess…her writing is also is by turns, shocking, lovely, coherent and frightening…her talents are many and varied. It will be a pleasure and a privilege to work

with her.


Peter Appel   Actor

Having worked with many of the top artists in our profession, including Mike Nichols, Francis Ford Coppola and Christopher Walken, the one thing they each possess is a hunger and mission to bring their knowledge, passion and empathy to every person and project they work on. Lisa is such a person.  Her openness is refreshing, clear and penetrating…She is a great Director.

Tomás Doncker   Producer and Composer | True Groove

One of the most dynamic and sensitive theatrical minds I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her seemingly magical way of focusing, and empowering actors (especially in musically based productions), consistently elevates the work, and electrifies audiences. She is a joy to work with.

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