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BY: Rebecca Lenkiewicz; American Academy Company CAST: Anthony Severence, Jill Geurts, Matt Bartler, Pip Dawson, Andy Dispensa, Sara Akay, Bianca Kenna

Undercurrents of longing, rage and love guided me in directing “Night Season.”
Rural Sligo, Ireland. A family of 3 grown sisters, their boozy father and idiosyncratic Grandmother, Lily, all live in a cramped house together. They each yearn for the mother who abandoned them as children, and long for a more thrilling life. When a well- known British actor comes to town to play Yates in a film, they rent him a room. He listens to their stories, dances with Grandmother Lily, and befriends each of them. The arrival of this unusual house guest catalyzes their courage to move forward with life.

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