The Collector by Mark Healy
"Lisa Milinazzo who re-imagines the 59E59 space and the movements of the play’s two protagonists does so with a passionate genius."
HUFFINGTON POST (click here for full review)

"excellent staging by director, Lisa Milinazzo"
BROADWAY WORLD (click here for full review)

Slain In The Spirit by Lisa Milinazzo
"Slain in the Spirit is masterfully acted and imaginatively staged. Run to see it. It will make you think."
USHER NONSENSE (click here for full review)

Burning Bright by John Steinbeck
"Milinazzo's staging carries the weight unpretentiously"
NY TIMES (click here for full review)

Criminals In Love by George F. Walker
"Ms. Milinazzo and the actors wisely concentrate on making the characters, not the story, coherent"
NY TIMES (click here for full review)

Found A Peanut by Donald Margulies
"Fine Ensemble acting, guided moment to real moment by director Lee Milinazzo"
LA WEEKLY (click here for full review)

Mass Appeal by Bill C. Davis
"Mr. Davis's play remains a winner. Attending the current production here is like revisiting an old, old friend [...} substance, resilience and spirit."
NY TIMES (click here for full review)

"...staged by Lisa Milinazzo with nary a misstep"
WESTCHESTER COUNTY WEEKLY (click here for full review)

Redwood Curtain by Lanford Wilson
"Lisa Milinazzo took an erstwhile difficult story with disparate segments and wove it into a seamless production" 
NORTH COUNTY NEWS (click here for full review)

"That the play works so well is a tribute to a cast and director who show exceptional care and understanding of the mysteries at it's heart"
WEEKEND TRADER (click here for full review)



Review Fix Exclusive: Lisa Milinazzo Talks ‘The Collector’
by Patrick Hickey Jr. on October 27th, 2016
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I Interview Playwrights Part 596: Lisa Milinazzo
by Adam Szymkowicz on July 15th, 2013
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